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SEMEOTICONS participates at 3DOR 2015, 2-3 May 2015, Zurig

3 may: SEMEOTICONS presents two papers: “Morphological analysis of 3D faces for weight gain assessment” D.Giorgi, M. A. Pascali, G. Raccichini, S. Colantonio and O. Salvetti and “SEMEOTICONS – Reading the face code of cardio-metabolic risk” S. Colantonio, M. D’Acunto, D. Giorgi, M.A. Pascali, G. Raccichini, O. Salvetti, G. Coppini, M.A. Morales, F. Charugi, B. Matuszewski, L.L. […]

SEMEOTICONS Expert Advisors in Pisa

On next Jan 9, Semeoticons Staff will have an important meeting about SEMEOTICONS Project with our Expert Advisors, Prof. Cetin, and Prof. Szirani,  at CNR in Pisa, while Prof. Camici and Prof. Romijn will be connected via skype. Prof. Paolo G. CAMICI is Professor of Cardiology and Headmaster of the High-specialization School of Cardiology at Università Vita […]

Proceedings of 13th IEEE International Conference on BioInformatics and BioEngineering BIBE 2013, November 10-13, Chania, Greece, IEEE

Title: A Virtual Individual’s Model Based on Facial Expression Analysis: a Non-Intrusive Approach for Wellbeing Monitoring and Self-Management Authors: F. Chiarugi, E. Christinaki, S. Colantonio, G. Coppini, P. Marraccini, M. Pediaditis, O. Salvetti, M. Tsiknakis Abstract: Facial expressions are visible signs of the affective and psychological state of a person, which is strictly correlated with […]


Within the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP 2014, CNR and UCLAN, in cooperation with Bilkent University in Turkey, organized the Special Session on “Advances in Facial Morpho-Functional Sign Recognition and Analysis”,  Paris October 28, 2014. Title: The Thermal Dimension of Psychophysiological and Emotional Responses Revealed by Thermal Infrared Imaging Authors: D. Cardone, A. […]