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SEMEOTICONS “Wize Mirror” will take care of your heath and your wellness

Want to see how SEMEOTICONS  “Wize Mirror” works to help you stay HEALTHY? Have a look at this Video!


A glance behind the Wize Mirror produced in SEMEOTICONS

Have a look at SEMEOTICONS Project and at the acquisition tools, sensors and technique used during the Acquisition Campaign and see how the “wize mirror “ will monitor the cardio methabolic risk.


Curious about Semeoticons “Wize Mirror”? Have a look in our “Laboratory”


The Wize Sniffer of the Wize Mirror!

Have a look at the features and capabilities of the “Wize Sniffer”: the breathe sensor under development.


SEMEOTICONS Video on HealtIT Space Community

Today HealthIt space Community in his Health IT News and Announces,  has published our video “The Wize Mirror”.


Semeoticons: The Wize Mirror Ep.2

A cartoon explains the SEMEOTICONS “Mirror Routine Use”.  The cartoon is based on self-produced storyboard, music and audio


Semeoticons: The Wize Mirror Ep. 1

A cartoon explains the SEMEOTICONS “Mirror Initialization Workflow”.  The cartoon is based on self-produced storyboard, music and audio



SEMEOTICONS kick-off meeting