CNR Institute of Information Science and Technologies


The CNR-ISTI unit is led by the “Signals & Images” Lab, a research group working in the fields of signal acquisition and processing, image understanding, artificial intelligence, medical imaging, knowledge representation and modelling, high performance and distributed computing. The general goal of the Lab is to increase the knowledge in the above mentioned fields, in both theoretical and applicative contexts. This is achieved by studying and developing models, computer- based methods and machines for the formation, elaboration, analysis and recognition of images and signals, and by applying these methods and techniques to several sectors of the public and private society having strategic, scientific and technological interests. Around 30 people are working at the SI Lab, both researchers and technologists and engineers, covering expertise in computers science, engineering, physics and mathematics. The lab aims at developing its activities dynamically, fully becoming a part of the national and international, academic and industrial network in the field of automated vision and information technologies.