CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology


The CNR Intistute of Clinical Physiology (CNR-IFC) is a centre for basic, clinical, technological and epidemiological research. This multidisciplinary translational approach has been the key strategy driving years of collaborations operating on a flexible and problem-solving basis. The main interest of the Institute is in the field of cardiovascular diseases, which are dealt with through a multi-organ and multisystem prospective, covering associated pathologies of the lungs, kidneys, and the neuro-endocrine and metabolic systems. Research is mainly developed in the area of physiopathology and methodology, in which multidisciplinary Projects merge in the fields of experimental and clinical medicine, in line with the tradition of the Institute.The Institute actively participated in several EU Projects in the last 20 years. During 2012 CNR-IFC have involved in 27 European Grants, in 4 of them CNR-IFC has the role of coordinator (EVINCI, SENSORART, ARTREAT, DORIAN). CNR-IFC is a key clinical user and will participate in all user activities. Their participation is also foreseen to all technical tasks, to ensure the acceptability of the designed solutions and applications.