Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH)


The Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) is one of the largest research centres of Greece under the supervision of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Hellenic Ministry of Development. The Institute of Computer Science (FORTH-ICS) established in 1983, is conducting basic and applied research, developing applications and products, providing services, and playing a leading role in Greece and internationally, in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies. FORTH-ICS’s activities cover important research and development areas, taking into consideration new perspectives, emerging fields of research and technological challenges.

The CML at FORTH-ICS has been involved in several Projects and initiatives at EU level related to the topics of this Project. REACTION aims at developing an integrated approach to improve long term management of diabetes, by continuous monitoring, complemented by education on life style factors such as obesity and exercise. REMOTE was a pan-European research Project concerned with the needs of elderly and individuals with chronic conditions, to support independent living. HEARTFAID was another successful Project aimed at devising, developing and validating an innovative knowledge based platform of services, able to improve early diagnosis and to make more effective the clinical management of heart failure diseases within elderly population. In addition, our laboratory has been involved in several Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) related Projects ACGT and ContraCancrum – aiming at the development of the European Biomedical Informatics Grid for cancer research, INTEGRATE – focusing on model and collaborative tools development, pMedicine – to bring together international experts for creating an infrastructure that will facilitate the translation from traditional practice to personalized medicine, etc.).