Norwegian University of Science and Technology 


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is Norway’s second largest university in number of students. NTNU has a staff of about 5000, with over 3000 in academic and scientific positions. More than 300 PhD degrees are awarded yearly, within the fields of technology, science, arts and humanities, social sciences and medicine. NTNU has a broad range of contacts with International R&D actors, in academia as well as in industry. The annual budget of NTNU is around € 600 million, 25% of which is externally funded. NTNU is an active participant in the EU R&D Framework Programs and participates in 75 FP7 Projects. NTNU recognizes medical technology and ICT as two of its strategic areas.

The group at NTNU has expertise within tissue optics, modelling of light transport in tissue, clinical use of lasers, optical spectroscopy and optical diagnostics. Over the last 8 years the group has been working on diagnostic hyperspectral imaging and development of algorithms for analyzing such data. Ongoing and previous studies include hyperspectral fluorescence imaging of atherosclerotic lesions, development of a diagnostic system for skin ulcers, and forensic applications (aging of skin bruises).