DRACO SYSTEMS was founded in January 2004, as a result of the enthusiasm and vision of a group of engineers with extensive experience in technical and scientific projects of hardware and software development. Draco solutions provide to his customers with the state-of-the-art in highest-quality, reliability, cost effective, fastest time-to-market, reusable, real-time developments.

Draco solutions are at the core of a number of worldwide new generation devices. While their list of product experience continues to grow, their skills and technologies know how evolves continuously to offer their customer the cutting-edge technologies easily. Draco has a wide experience in ARM/DSP processors, analogue design, sensor integration, motors control, communication protocols, development of complex filters and algorithms for vision, video and audio codecs integration and embedded system solutions that require ultra low power, flexibility, small sizing and easy to use friendly interfaces.

Our technology enables a broad array of next generation smart devices and embedded applications such as Hand Held Appliances, Medical Devices, Industrial Automation, Wireless Products, Smart Screens, Point of Sale Terminals, IP encoding, IP Smart Cameras, Digital Recorder Platform, Remote Monitoring systems and Sensor networks.