Solution | smart mirror


In SEMEOTICONS, we propose the definition of the digital semeiotics of the face, i.e. the computerized evaluation of facial signs, focused on those signs that relate to some widely-recognized risk factors of CVDs. These signs above will assessed by a number of computational descriptors that will be extracted from different observation modalities (morphometric, biometric, colorimetric, gestural and emotional analyses of the face, spectroscopic analysis of skin and iris, sub-cutaneous substances and the function of sub-cutaneous tissues, compositional analysis of breath and exhaled gas). An interactive smart mirror, easily deployable in normal-life settings, will be developped which will seamlessly integrate contactless sensors, such as three-dimensional (3D) optical sensors, a multispectral camera, gas detection sensors, and microphones. A touch-screen interface will be also included for user’s interactions and output visualization. The resulting device will be a kind of “wise wizard” mirror, called Wize Mirror. The integration of semeiotic descriptors will occur by a virtual individual’s model used to compute and trace the daily evolution of an individual’s wellness index.  A health diary about this index will be created so as to enable the individual to evaluate and personally relate his/her lifestyle to his/her well-being. A personalized user’s guidance will be supplied according to user’s profiling so as to provide useful suggestion on correct lifestyle self-monitoring.


A schematic representation of the Wize Mirror suite of sensors, processing unit, display and accessories. SMLi (i=1,…,4) are multicolour lights used to explore photometric 3D reconstruction.nuovoSpecchio_v2_trasp


The Mirror appearance: the user will be only aware of the touch-screen, of the lights, which will appear as normal lights, and of the gas sensors, called Wize Sniffer, which will have a small “protrusion” to better “sniff”  user’s breath.